When can I start using senangPay ?

You can start to use senangPay immediately after you complete your registration. However, you can only use FPX feature before your account is approved. To receive your settlement, you need to complete your documents to be verified. To start receiving credit/debit card payment, you will need to wait for bank approval. View the summary below […]

How long will the approval take time ?

Once your registration is completed and all your documents have been uploaded, it will take around 14 working days for your account to be verified by senangPay and approved by the bank. However, you can start using senangPay immediately with a few restrictions until your account has been completely approved.

How to register as a senangPay merchant ?

Complete your sign up through the registration page and make a payment. Once done, head to senangPay dashboard to complete and upload your required documents. Your account will be processed for verification and approval by senangPay and our acquiring bank. We will notify you once your account has been verified. Read on to learn more […]