Split Settlement

Share your profits with your team hassle-free. Dropship business made easy.

Created for dropship business team

Create product form, and share them with your seller (sub-merchant). Your sub-merchant will then expand your sales to their network. Once the product is sold, the settlement process will be split accordingly, automatically.

Manage everything from one dashboard

See purchase orders from all your sellers’ in one place. Manage product shipping easily. View sellers performance whenever you want. Keep your team in check.

Quotation and Invoice, all in one place

Once you’ve created your quotation, share it with your prospect clients. When done, simply create an invoice (or two) from the same quotation without having to do the same task twice! Your payments received will be tagged to the Quotation too!

How it works ?

Merchant creates a payment form.

Creates payment form for your product and include your seller ID

Share your form with your seller(s).

Seller (sub-merchant) will sell your product using your payment form.

Profit split automatically!

When customer makes a purchase, seller and merchant will receive the profit as per setting.

Split settlement API gives you more flexibility

Our split settlement API is open to any system integration. Micro manage your split settlement process.