7 years in the market since 2015, senangPay is growing into a solution that checked all the boxes. Not limiting ourselves to just a Payment Gateway Provider, we are now taking a step further. In line with the progressive world of fintech, we’re going beyond in providing a head start to our merchant business journey.

Acquisition by DOKU ( The pioneer of Payment Gateway in Indonesia), allows senangPay to introduce various new features and services to our merchants. For starter, merchants can soon enjoy benefits of marketing their products or services across borders.

Surely with the transformation, we’re expecting a huge opportunity exceeding your normal projected growth. There’s so much more untapped market waiting for your discovery. According to e-Conomy 2021 by Google, Temasek & Bain, as much as 35 billion USD is expected to be spent online annually by 2030. And what better way for you to get them than with a reliable, trusted and secured payment gateway.

We’re growing, and we’re taking you along.

Primary Logo

A single font-family is used to indicate simplicity of senangpay. Font weight is thicken to increase visibility across all platforms and prints. Gradients are used as main colours signifying modern & progressing solutions – representing transformation from small to big, local to global while maintaining our distinct colours, green and blue.

If you encounter any issue with our main logo (eg: to be placed on light blue / light green background), you may use our white-version instead, or you may use the flat version for limited printed option only.

Please make sure you do not distort, stretch, recolour or modify any of the logo parts. We love it the way it is.


Our submark can be use when placing our logo on a very limited space. However, we prefer to use our primary logo more, so please use the submark only when necessary.

If you encounter any issue with our the gradient and visibility, a flat version of the submark can be use.

Our colours


To represent senangPay in your website/profile, you may use one of the following: 

For a simpler version of representation, one may use either of the following:

If you’re having restriction on space, a minified version of the representation badge may be used.