senangPay Dashboard

With senangPay dashboard, see monthly sale view, view transaction details, generate reports and more.

All in one orders management app

Keep track on payments and order details all from single app. When you receive order, click for more details to view buyer details, delivery details, payment status, order details and more.

A simple view for in-a-glance transaction summary

It is a simple transaction management app that focuses on getting things done. It brings all your transaction records and revenue summary in one place with a neat interface.

Generate report at your convenience

senangPay offers generate report options that are available for merchants in the ‘Report’ menu of the dashboard. The goal of the reporting options is to export Transactions data so you can capture and document your entire transaction list conveniently.

Create your product

Create your product payment page right from our dashboard. Have all your product payment page URL list on one page for easy sharing to your customers.

Keep track of your settlement

Every settlement credited to you by senangPay will be recorded in the dashboard along with settlement amount, total MDR for the current settlement period (transaction charge), settlement date, settlement cut-off date and proof of payment for your convenience and reference.

senangPay dashboard Multi-user access,
allowing your team to collaborate seamlessly

The main purpose of this feature to streamline collaboration, enhance data security, and improve effificiency within an organization. 

Each user is granted specifific permissions and access rights based on their roles and responsibilities within an organization. This means that different personnel or departments can log in to the dashboard and view or manipulate only the data and features relevant to their specifific tasks.

Key benefits of this feature

  • Improved Collaboration: Create better teamwork between departments, leading to more informed decision-making and improved performance
  • Enhanced Security: We prioritize data protection.
  • Clear Accountability: Actions performed within the dashboard are tracked, facilitating easy identification of the responsible personnel.

Explore our senangGuide to learn more

For enquiry, mail to [email protected] or call our suppport team for help.